Respiratore optrel® e3000x E3000X

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"Constant breathing protection throughout the welding process. The fan unit allows a constant supply of clean air. This allows undisturbed work without breathing resistance. Sweat and heat build-up inside the mask is thus prevented. An integrated three-stage adjustable sensor monitors the air flow. Each switch is able to direct 20 per cent of the air to the frontal area for additional cooling.


EN 12941


Art. no. 097977 Dim. AIR Self-detecting welding mask with optrel® respirator vegaview2.5

Art. no. 097193 Dim. AIR Face protection optrel® clearmaxx

Art. no. 097947 Dim. AIR Self-discovering welding mask with optrel® panoramaxx respirator


Air hose, prefilter, TH3 particle filter, standard battery, battery charger and filter cover."

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