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"This self-obscuring welding mask with outstanding optical characteristics provides reliable protection from rays, heat and sparks, while still ensuring a precise cut on the workpiece. It allows comfortable working thanks to the absence of distortion and uniform darkening. For different welding jobs, there is a choice of seven levels of shading; this prevents excessive fatigue and improves work quality. Each protection level can be predefined (e.g. light state 3 for grinding). The patented headband ensures greater comfort even when the mask is lifted. Thanks to the narrow guide along the head, the centre of gravity is perfectly maintained during lifting. Dimming protection levels: 5, 8, 9 €" 13. Light level: 3. With 3 V lithium battery (2,500 hours of service life). Welding filter field of view: 54 x 107 mm.


EN 175:B; EN 379; EN 166:BT


Technical data:

Number of batteries contained: 1

Power supply: Battery operation

Light to dark switching time: 0.1 ms

Switching time from dark to light: 40 ms - 1,300 ms

Classification according to EN 379: 1 / 1 / 2

Product type: Self-darkening welding mask'.

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