MASCHERA PER SALDARE optrel® vegaview2.5 BLACK

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Self-obscuring and lightweight (482 g) welding mask for less strain on the head and neck. Excellent visibility and total protection against UV and infrared radiation. The mask features high colour fidelity and a clear obscuring grade with 23% light transmission for a detailed view of the component. Simply press a button on the outer side to activate the rectification mode. Ideal for working environments with poor lighting. With a comfortable adjustable headband. The arc insertion angle can be adjusted using the slide and the sensitivity can also be adjusted to suit the working environment.

Blackout protection levels: 8 €" 12

Light level: 2.5

With 3 V lithium battery (duration: 3,000 hours)

Welding filter field of view: 50 x 100 mm



MIG / MAG welding, electrode welding, WIG welding, plasma welding and cutting


EN 175; EN 379; EN 166


1 additional outer glass, 1 storage bag


Technical Data

Number of batteries contained: 1

Power supply: Battery operation

Light to dark switching time: 0.1 ms

Switching time from dark to light: 50 ms - 1,000 ms

Classification according to EN 379: 1 / 1 / 2

Product type: Self-darkening welding mask.

Product Details